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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  August 22, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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is up next. thank you. we begin the fox report on this sunday with details about a vicious killer that blew up a wedding. he was likely 12 to 14 years old according to the president of turkey, our ally who's asking for our help now. they are blaming islamic state savages for the bloodshed. if the terrorist were a boy or teenager it's a horrific reminder of the kind of reach the isis savages have. the united states is sending our vice president, joe biden, to the country tomorrow to talk terrorism. as the questions loom at this hour, is turkey turning in to a new front in the war against the islamic state? here's what we know, at least 51 people are dead, more than 100
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injured. that's quite a chunk of the wedding party number, so we understand. funerals quick to come already with some of the victims being laid to rest. the white house is calling it a barbaric and cowardly act. it happened along the syrian border, pretty much an open door to that nation where civil war rages on. connor powell is live with more. >> this battle between the isis fighters that have come in and out of turkey and the turkish government continues. with have seen six to nine months of isis attacks across all of turkey. the target of this latest attack appears to have been this kurdish wedding. at least 51 people were killed when a young isis fighter, between the ages of 12 and 14, according to turkish officials, wearing a suicide vest, went in to this kurdish wedding, blew himself up. 51 dead and 90 injured.
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turkey has been battling kurdish separatists fr separatists for a long time. but isis apparently picking this wedding as a way to show more strife between not only kurds a then turks but it blends in to this chaotic feeling in turkey right now where you have a government that is battling kurdish separatist and isis is battling and fight the turkish government. it is a situation that's growing increasingly chaotic there with several groups, seemingly all fighting each other. >> not to read too much in to the politics going on for turkey right now but we can't miss the news being made that you are a ally is in talks with russia. is there a situation looming that turkey would leave nato? >> there's no situation where, according to u.s. officials and
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also nato that turkey is anywhere close to leaving nato but they have begun to hedge their bets to some extent. they have always been on the periphery of nato to some extent, not part of the eu or a western democratic country, they have always been sort of there. that's part of the reason why turkey has been so important to nato is it was a bridge outside of just western europe. you do see talks between the turkish government, which is increasing li growing hostile to not only the united states but other nato countries. president recep tayyip erdogan is very unhappy after the coup attempt after what the government says was an islamic cleric who lives in pennsylvania. he blames him for launching this coup an he wants to see the united states try to extradite him to turkey. that apparently is not going to happen. he is starting to look in to
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other allies, but keep in mind there are other deep ties between turkey and nato. turkey has been a long-time nato member. they are certainly trying to scare u.s. and other nato countries in to thinking that maybe, just maybe, they would look towards russia and leave nato. >> so much undoubtedly that will be on the bill tomorrow as vice president biden heads in that direction to talk terrorism. you talk about the extradition of the man here in the united states and what's gone on in turkey. it will be interesting to see how the news unfolds with regard let's do presidential politics now. hillary clinton took time off from the campaign rally stump instead raising money in massachusetts today. donald trump reportedly is preparing for the upcoming general election debates, the first one five weeks away after naming a new campaign manager last week, rnc chairman reince priebus says he thinks donald trump is on the right track. >> i think keep doing what he
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has been doing the last ten days. i think he's shown maturity and is growing in his role. a person who's never run for public office. this election is about choices. you have someone who's not politically correct, at times says harsh things, even he admitted, versus someone who lies with incredible skill and grace. >> kristin fisher is live for us. the rnc chair says that trump is on the right track. what's his new campaign manager saying at this point? >> kellyanne conway made her first show appearances since becoming trump's campaign manager and she gave a rosy picture of the state of his campaign. >> this is the best week i think so far in the trump campaign, but also because he's able to be himself, the authentic donald trump, and also the pivot he has made is on substance, george, he is talking about defeating islamic terrorism. >> another pivot involves his
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immigration plan. for months he's been talking about creating a deportation force to are move 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states. today we learned that support for that plan is not set in stone. in fact, harris, the words that conway used are "to be determined." >> tbd. i understand the clinton campaign has just announced some big fund-raising numbers. >> yeah, they have. the clinton campaign won't confirm it, though, but the associated prets is reporting that they said they are half way to their goal of raising a billion dollars. over the weekend, clinton attended fund-raisers on nantucket, martha's vineyard and cape cod and 40 more events planned in 14 states the next two weeks. despite her fund-raising strength, she is facing renewed vulnerabilities on two familiar fronts, her e-mails and her family foundation.
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>> you didn't hear questions about the bush foundation when the second bush president came in to office. his family continued to serve on the board. president clinton said he will step down from the clinton foundation board. >> former president clinton also said his foundation will stop accepting foreign donations if his wife wins the white house. though some loopholes maybe emerging in that self-imposed ban. >> for some people wondering why wouldn't you confirm a half million dollars in fund-raise something it is my experience that sometimes campaigns like to start off the fresh monday week with that kind of information. with i'll see what happens. a point of suffering in america right now. louisiana faces harsh realities of epic flooding. the water is receding. the death toll is 13 people. authorities are still assessing the wide destruction. some 60,000 homes are damaged. more than 100,000 people have registered for federal assistance. brian is here with more.
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the latest on the recovery efforts, prayers the world over, but this is tough. >> it is tough. a long road ahead. people are leaving shelters and arriving to see their homes for the first time in an all-too-emotional moment. 60,000 homes destroyed in this flood. a one in 1,000 year event in southern louisiana. water leaving behind mud and mold, soaked furniture, carpets and lost photos. 100,000 people have applied for federal assistance and the governor said the storm hasn't gotten the attention it deserves nationally and they need more help. >> this is a historic, unprecedented flood event. because it wasn't a hurricane or a tropical storm, this rain event didn't have a name, we have folks around the country that are just now realizing how significant it was. rereally need help. typically by this point in a storm i think red cross would be receiving a lot more donations. >> search teams are going door to door looking for signs of
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life. homes that look suspiciously quiet could be where people have been trapped dead or alive. and coffins have become unearthed. caskets floating and some families have to rebury relatives. no word on how many tomb sites have been damaged. church groups, red cross, resident and family members of the victims are chipping in to clean up. the farm bureau is offering meals to workers and victims. 3200 people are in shelters down from a high of 11,000. >> we take for granted that we can go out and have lunch, we can have dinner and these people basically have nothing. they don't have food. they don't have water. there's nothing. so this is minute compared to what they are experiencing. >> louisiana isn't alone. texas getting flooding as well in the san antonio area,
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particularly in florisville. >> those who live in the east coast have learned a saying since sandy. even though it may not have been a hurricane when the flooding comes the water remembers. it remembers the new inroads it made with the last disaster and can be extremely debilitating and frightening. people are wondering how to help. >> this is the worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy four years ago, people can donate at red cross, samaritans or those are just some ways to donate. >> later tonight let's get that going on social media. the white house says the president's plan to travel to louisiana holds for tuesday. police call it the most horrific scene they have ever witnessed in one area. five people dead, one pregnant. now new details on the suspected
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killer. stay close.
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president obama's expected to arrive at the white house this hour after a two-week summer vacation with his family on martha's vineyard. while he may quiet some of the criticism for not cutting short the vacation to go to flood-ravaged florida the president has a full plate waiting for him in d.c. as he moves to the final months of his presidency. here's white house correspondent kevin cork. >> good evening from martha's vineyard. optics matter in politic and especially so when the president, for example, is on vacation. while it is true the administration did send a director of fema and the secretary of homeland security to louisiana, sort of manage the recovery process, sometimes the
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president simply has to step up and be counted and that of course, will finally happen on tuesday as the president makes his way to the bayou state. we will see firsthand how the recovery effort is going and learn how the people of louisiana really come together in the midst of tragedy. even as the president puts down his golf club and picks up the spirits of the people of louisiana, he will continue to face a great deal of criticism by many who believe he should have been there already. just a sample of that, let me share an editorial from the advocate, a big newspaper in baton rouge. it reads in part the optics of obama golfing while louisiana residents languished in floodwaters was striking. it evoked the precedent of the passive federal response to the state's agony in 2005, a reference to hurricane katrina, a chapter or history no one should ever repeat. it is also important to point out the governor of the state of louisiana told the white house it didn't want the president to
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come there too soon because his presence may interfere with the recovery process. >> i didn't want to divert these police officers, sheriffs deputy and state troopers and other essential resources and assets to provide security for the president while they were needed in this region. >> we will be there on tuesday when the president goes to survey the recovery and rebuilding process. i should point out and i think this is important, as wet weather is expected to move in to the area the long road to recovery could be even longer. harris? >> we have been talking about that. thank you very much. after the fox report a programming note. don't miss a brand new watter's world. it is a special and here's a preview. >> tell me what you think the president's legacy will be. >> change, you know. >>. >> i think he is going to go down as one of the great presidents that this country has
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ever had. >> are you under oath? >> i am not on drugs, but i am on fox. >> he saved the auto industry, produced health care. >> didn't he say health care prices were going to go down but now they have gone up? >> i don't know whether he said that. you are saying that. >> watters world airs tonight after the fox report, 8 p.m. eastern, again at 11:00 and 2:00 a.m. only on fox news. police in mississippi say a man turned himself in for murders, yes, plural. they happened in alabama. that's where the bodies of the victims were found. one of them a pregnant woman. local law enforcement say they have never seen anything like it. >> very, very gruesome scenes, awful. >> 20-year career as a prosecutor and never seen a scene where there were five people that were brutally and viciously murdered. >> the man is charged with six counts of capital murder. we're told he had an extensive
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criminal history and police say they believe he knew his victims. officials in in florida are dealing with head wind as they try to fight the zika virus. the cdc confirmed the number of cases is ticking up, particular my in south beach miami. people were out at the beaches this weekend any way. they say the virus, though, isn't going away anytime soon. also this, deadly wildfires in california. also not going away anytime soon. how people in that area
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new concerns over zika in america. a government health official is warning the mosquito-borne disease could hang around for a year or two.
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florida authorities announce five new cases in miami beach. they say the area of transmission covers a mile and a half of the trendy tourist area. the mayor is looking to ease fears. >> the cdc says specifically, only pregnant women who don't have essential travel to these 20 square blocks should consider not going. >> on ocean drive today it was packed. people in bikinis, bathing suits and skateboarders wearing almost nothing. we are letting them know to wear repellent. >> florida governor scott is asking the cdc for additional testen and prevention kits. he directed officials to offer businesses mosquito spraying at no cost. >> the fires in california famoo close for business. the hearst castle shut down today as a fire that levelled
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200 homes moved too close for safety. we have this report from los angeles. >> good evening. there are a dozen wildfires burning across the united states this weekend. that includes the cedar fire, which continues to burn to the northwest of bakersfield. so far, the containment numbers are low as the fires forced 1500 residents to evacuate the area and threatens 800 homes. other residents say they are ready to leave quickly if they have to. >> my kaer is packed. my animals are in the car and we're close to the main road. >> to the south, fire burns east of los angeles. fire crews making great progress. the fire is 83% contained after burning 37,000 acres. some residents say they are thankful for the hard work the crews on the ground have put in. >> i think the whole valley would have gone up had they not put up a battle here and stopped the fire. you can see the hot spots where
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it just jumped and skipped. it could have been a lot worse than it was. >> the fires burned 100 homes and many residents are getting their first look at the destruction this weekend. many of the wildfires burning across the western united states are fuelled by drought conditions. you have to remember, california is still in the middle of a five-year historic drought. so far we have had more fires this year than at the same point last year which is a bad sign because last year was the most expensive fire season on record. we are learning about the death of pop icon prince. an official have from the investigation said several pills were incorrectly labeled drugs containing a synthetic openuate. he died in april. sfa.
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donald trump shaking up his campaign again with the hopes of shaking up the polls, as well. but what will his new message be? and is it too late to change foet voters' minds. and dive in to the third party effect. how will they effect tight races in battleground states, yeah, they are tightening up. the people that are the insiders of the whole thing and evidence their support is growing with voters. those people who are not democrat or republican in the race. remember chime in while you tune in on your device, tablet, phone, whatever. hit us up on the social pages, twitter and
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pli "politico," the website reporting some big numbers which seem to show how different the campaign strategies are. hillary clinton's campaign reportedly spent $2.9 million in july. $26 million more on advertising. in comparison, this is according to "politico," the trump campaign spent $400,000 on a staff of 84. and "politico" is reporting the trump campaign spent more than
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four times as much on merchandise and hats for the huge crowds that he sees. bring in the fox news political insiders. warm and cozy up close in our hearts. i'm going to start with you, john. donald trump arguably is leaving his mark everywhere he goes. some say it could be strategy in terms of leaving something tangible. >> his strategy for the last year is i can get everything i need in free media. >> he gets a lot. >> he gets a lot but it's not enough. he's behind in virtually every poll and every state. sn we used to wonder will traditional tv ads have an impact. they didn't in the primary race
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but in the general hillary clinton applied heavy money. her pac is spending five times more in the ten, 11 battleground states. >> and new york is not a battleground state, that is where clinton lives, but we are seeing that. >> they are on national cable. they are everywhere. so he's doing that. he's not. who would have thought, donald trump, say donald trump first thing you think is really rich. if the richest guy ever to run for president would not be financing this campaign, he should have written out a check for 500 million bucks for his campaign and not worried about money and then spent all of his time running against hillary clinton. he didn't do it. >> the argument is that he didn't have to previous to this. i want to get to a viewer question. if trump's pivot, as some people see is successful, when will it show up in the polls? you are a pollster. >> first of all, there's been some tightening in the national
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numbers. this week there was one poll today that had him a couple of points ahead. it's been an outlier. >> rasmussen shows him touching, too. >> but there is a but. i need to underscore that. in the swing states that john eluded to where hillary clinton's advertising, hillary is ahead in virtually every swing state. she's close to 350 electoral votes well over 270. this is an election that is decided in the electoral college. you can't be out spent as donald trump has been, like 100 million to 1 million or no million. and hope to win the election. >> i want to talk to you about pure strategy in terms of the campaign. so you have some people now with donald trump's campaign that arguably are -- kellyanne conway
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is getting cheers from both sides of the political aisle for being best at what she does. what are your thoughts? >> it may change the campaign but the most important change is donald trump this week. he had a week with several speeches. it got overshadowed by the news about the campaign staff but he had really, monday and tuesday, two speeches, one on foreign policy and one on safety and he began to make his populous theme. he spoke again late in the week where he for the first time said he regretted things. many thought the speech, at least i read on-line, even "politico," which is the hillary clinton base in washington with the "washington post" said, you know, after 170 days he finally does it. he finally gives the right speech. being on message is far more important than the other changes that you can have in the campaign. >> i want to talk about how the
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money is being spent. i know you are saying where the money's not coming from. if you are going to spend 400,000 on 84 people, she has 703. you have run campaigns, john. you have won campaigns, john. you have been a senator. what does it take -- >> not a senator. congressman. >> but he does know politics. >> yes, he does. if harris faulkner chooses to give you a bump up -- >> it's okay. >> what does it take? when you look at the gap with the number of people does it matter? >> when your candidate and your name is on the ballot going for this special job of being an leched official you should want everything going in your favor. you want commercials. you want the best field staff you can have. i had the best pollster in both of my names, douglas e.schoen was my pollster. >> he's a democrat. >> we are friends. >> seriously. >> ties are deeper.
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>> and pat knows this, a good campaign is all of it put together. donald, early on, thought the candidate is everything. i don't need any of the other stuff, i don't need it. he has been brought down by the bad polls and slapped up side the head and woken up. kellyanne now is trying to catch the campaign up to have a decent field staff, to get out the vote. they are way behind on this. >> so some gaps along the way. the e-mail scandal with hillary clinton, which is heating up again. it's almost mid august at this point. it is mid august. >> let me be very candid tonight, as i try always to be. the clintons understand that their position is a necessarily perilous one. what i mean by that is as the polls tighten, they know there's a large block of america that
1:36 am
will not vote for secretary clinton. they know they need to spend a billion dollars herself, a billion dollars with the super pacs. $2 billion to trito do everything they can to win. john is right. unless donald trump gets out there, through the good offices of my dear friend kellyanne conway who is a first class operative and try to match them in some swing states going forward it will be tough for donald trump. >> look, let me say something about the polls because it's important. this reminds me, as i listen to the mainstream media and even on fox today with a lot of people that claim to be political strategists who have never been in a presidential campaign. a lot of people seem to think that politics only started in 2008. i want to remind people in 1948, the pollsters -- that was your
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first campaign, huh, pat? >> pretty close. i was two years away. they stopped polling because their experience when they first started polling was the roosevelt, labor day, there was no reason. it was a different election. they are acting like this election is over opposed to being potentially the most volatile election we have seen. number two, at this point, this week in 1968, hubert humphrey came out of the democratic convention that was a disaster. 44-29 down against richard nixon. 15 points. he the sitting vice president. he came within a hair of winning. these are different elections. we have more volatility. let me just say one thing, yes, they have to compete, but the advertising, the bad advertising is not working. it is efficiency, good tidsing will work and it had to match message. but so far this is going to be
1:38 am
decided, is this an election about donald trump or the country and the political class and the revolt. if it is, he wins. that's the the question. can you do that. >> we will talk about what happens, also there are two other parties that can jump in to this thing. at least become sticky along the way. we will see how it changes the poll numbers. a hint, it brings donald trump closer to hillary clinton. it starts to close the gap. we will talk about it next. stay close.
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the fox news political insiders are back. i want to talk about the independents and how they factor in to this. does trump risk losing his core audience if he pivots too much? and this one for you, doug. >> sure. >> harris how do the insiders view the visits to the flood ravaged area of louisiana. is president obama going because trump went first? >> of course. president obama is mindful of the fact that katrina hurt president george w. bush. when trump went on friday, if i remember correctly, and said president obama needs to go, what he was doing is throwing down the mantle at the same time saying, very clearly, i understand that i'm compassionate, i'm concerned. it was the right move for trump but puts the onus on obama who
1:43 am
wants hillary clinton to be elected to show up himself. >> why doesn't anyone raise the question why isn't hillary going? >> she put out a statement saying he called the lieutenant governor of louisiana who we may have expected to get a call from her because we know he was talking to the president. but i don't know the answer to that. >> fund-raising, john. >> doug, every news story focuses on trump. trump going to louisiana. if i'm hillary, that's okay. i will let them have a couple of good days as long as most of the days are negative. >> go ahead, pat. >> i don't mind it always if you are trump being about him if he's making the right case. is going to louisiana was the smart move. it showed for him it is important that he cares about people and that's been a problem in some of the polling. hillary not going i think is a problem. obama on the golf course, the hypocrite in chief.
1:44 am
on the golf course. >> wow. >> just like he was when americans were being beheaded in the middle east. he is more addicted to the golf course than he is to his country or job. he didn't go until he was embarrassed to go. that's a shame because his absence in her absence tells you about people who think they don't have to worry about what voters think. >> obama is not running again and hillary's not going to win louisiana. >> he is running. she's running az his third term and she is openly running as his third term. >> harris, look, what we need to go back to and focus on is the fact that the electoral college is determined by 11 states. pat, let me, please, finish. >> sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt. >> i appreciate. >> so nice now that you are back from vacation. >> here's what is going on inside of clinton world.
1:45 am
they are saying, look, we raek recognize we're in a tough position. as long as we get $2 billion and flood advertising with negatives on donald trump, they will, in their terms, do everything possible to negate the pivot that pat and john were speaking of that donald trump's now doing because they know if hillary clinton becomes the issue in the central focus she could lose despite the fact she has a comfortable lead. >> i think she should go to fee jie for three months. just go away. >> john, you couldn't be more wrong. >> she should hide. i think you are right. she should hide. she's not a factor in the election, i don't know about fiji. >> you are going to lose your cards for the democratic party. do they still pass those out? >> david -- >> can i make a point. >> hold on.
1:46 am
dave writes on twitter, trump needs photo cuss on the economy. these are supporters i would imagine some of them on my twitter feed chiming in about him. i thought he was back on message. why are people fearful he will not stay on it. he has done four speeches on message. >> a little lag. some articles and comments and the campaign has changed again. now we're in the second week of the new administration. >> you say this counts. >> oh, yes. let's see if he sticks with it, which i think he will, by the way, we go a few weeks and then comes the next huge weigh station in this campaign, which is that first debate on 26 of september. this is the thing that will change the campaign. >> hang tight. as we head to a commercial, wendy writes, hillary clinton is spending $2 billion to buy the presidency. cans ever it's disgusting while there are people living in poverty in the united states.
1:47 am
it's interesting. you hear the comments about donald trump not spending any. you wonder if he wins bonus points because people see him as being more like them. >> not one.
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apparently libertarian gary johnson and green peter candidate jill stein are doing more than just talking to each other and the media. they have been talking to a lot of voters. it's the third party presence that's starting to creep in to an interesting zone during this election. let's take a look. colorado, i thought the state -- this is quinnipiac. looked at if it was trump and hillary clinton, see where they are, fairly close, right, a couple of digits. >> that's not close. >> look at what happens when
1:51 am
stein and johnson get in the race. there were a few of these polls last week. now we are seeing more. look at how tight it gets. 23% of the vote would go to third parties. >> let me speak to that. the base has decided that candidates need to hit 15% to get in to the debates which to me is a bad decision for our democracy, given as pat and john and i have said. increasingly large percentage of the electorate does not want trump or hillary. johnson in that poll was at 60. nationally he's been high single digits or ten. the fact we are going to exclude them from the race, when both of them have distinctive messages, voices to be heard and reflect, i think, the public's desire for more, not less candidates to be included is a bad decision and potentially could skew the
1:52 am
results. >> let's hear from pat. go ahead. >> thank you. i'd like to jump in on a couple of quick things on that. one is, this is a sign of how volatile it is. as we all know, the debate commission is rigged by the two parties for the purpose of making sure the american people have only the options of voting democrat and republican. it is a scandal beyond belief. beyond that, the reason they have diverse support is many people are not sure where they are and it shows volatility. the last quick point i'd like to make in the last segment is this, i listened to him and thought i was listening to the french general's staff in 1940 as they explained who the french who had more tanks, guns, planes and troops than the germans about how trench warfare still worked while the germans were using blitz screen. that's a difference in this election. >> so truman campaign and the second world war, is that
1:53 am
correct? >> can i bring up -- >> trying to communicate to the audience, guys. >> if you put the poll up of colorado in the four-way race and speak to the campaign that pat was in, hillary was 43, trump at 35 or something. it is almost a mirror image. here we go. that's the one way. now the four way. put that one up. hillary 41, trump 33, 16. this is almost a mirror image of 1992 when bill clinton got 43%, george h.w. bush, the sitting president got 37% and ross perot got 19%. >> interesting. >> one more. i want to look at iowa. these are the states -- you had made the comment, doug that she stopped spending in some states. >> she has. >> look at how tight it is in iowa.
1:54 am
then add the third party candidates. i think it is interesting. it's a little less but 15%. >> let me make the point, we don't know at this point what the net impact of stein and johnson will be. it looks like it is costing hillary about a percent. >> another woman on the ticket. >> that's right. >> and johnson has been getting, despite the fact he is libertarian he's been getting slight willy more from hillary than trump. in a race like this, where john says a large percentage of the vote up for grbs the volatility is as real as pat describes we could find the presidential race itself is decided in a couple of swing states, as it was in florida in the year 2000 by ralph nader and gore/bush contest. >> i want to ask you, pat, obviously jill stein a woman, green party.
1:55 am
she kind of leans more towards bernie sanders. i don't know they would necessarily take a chunk of votership out in terms of where they can get on the ballot but what are your thoughts about it? >> the green party is on many ballots enough to qualify for the debates. the problem is they are choked off, lack of oxygen from the media which is determined to support hillary clinton and make this as narrow a choice as possible. however, if i were a good american, who had a lot of money and wanted to give americans a chance to have their voice, i would have a super pac that would give jil ♪ i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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final thoughts. i will go to pat for his. >> quick, i think that donald is not over. a lot of people have been wrong all year will eat their words come september. number two, quick shoutout to two of our most loyal fans in charleston, speedy and b bebe. speckle turned 95 this week and going and bebe's 91st birthday today and they watch us every sunday. >> happy birthday, guys. >> too late for trump or not? >> no, it isn't. the clintons are nervous. they should be. they will spend $2 billion.
1:58 am
>> wow. and you know them. >> as yoggi berra would say it is getting late early. it's not too late but we're running out of time and he will realize he fretted away june, july and august. ahead by ten points. still a chance. >> diana says i don't think the polls are anywhere near accurate. most trump supporters won't answer media polls because they lie. a couple of professional pollsters here but we're out of time. so we will take that one next week. thank you for watching. i mentioned i was going to give these out. >> it is monday august 22nd. virginia governor as giving thousands of felons the right to vote in november.
1:59 am
>> hillary clinton is getting thousands of violent felons to the voting polls. >> how will this impact the results in the battle ground stateses? we are live. >> that's why i am full responsibility for it is because i over exaggerated that story. >> liein' lochte not in the clear. the brand new punishment he could soon be facing. >> the fight for faith in the courtroom. a texas judge under fire for starting every court session with a prayer. is that fair or violation of free speech? we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> start of a p brand new week. we are up and ready to go this morning. you are watching "fox & friends
2:00 am
first" on this monday morning. i am abby huntsman. >> i am hert cheryleds. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for starting you day with us. thousands of convicted felons will get the right to vote. >> virginia's governor making the move less than three months before the presidential election. what impact it could have. >> kelly wright joins us live from washington with a look. >> good morning to you as well. virginia governor terri mccall will you have is ready to appear in capitol square in richmond today at noon. sources say he will announce he has individually rescortored th voting rights of 15,000 felons. they restored the rights of 15,000 in april. they struck down his executive order ruling he has to restore those rights individually. he vowed to do just that for every felon most of whom are af xhaern. republicans claim mcauliffe is


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